mind the indie film festival

Official Selection: September 2020

zoros solo, martin busker, germany, effigy, udo flohr, immenhof, sharon von wietersheim,
short, the german king, adetokumboh m'cormack, all through the night, kiril todorov, boat, louise stern, in this land we're briefly ghosts, chen-wen lo, myanmar, honor among thieves, justin eugene evans, usa, moon drops, yoram ever-hadani, straight to the gallows, paul haans, jeroen wielheesen, the cabin, maxime chefdeville
day 23, giancarlo rocconi, ria, dennis baumann, north pier, dylan howell, coach, alexander baskakov, louise, natalie camou, russia
tiffany, christina christie, mister monster, guo site, china, papito, sarika persaud, kenneth rosen, how to rob a witch, liam fahy, latteship, hsing-fang tsai, daishi takishima, the greengrocer, jonny eveson, breaking bread, ellie liota, nihi, tamara cruz, mexico, tobi and the turbobus, verena fels, marc angele, shoot the moon, william rowe, anacronte, raul koler, emiliano sette, oniden, aimee uehara, a moonlight's tale, ron spivak, andrew noh, elena spina, aarif attarwala, tony gaeta, wolfgang, zorika gaeta, shears n' gears, nicholas culleton
cameroon, ambazonia, jonny pickup, echilibru, jerome fatalot, victor jullien, eve cerubini, the bedouin of wadi rum, cornelia nika metlicar, the white arrow, jim kroft, welcome to the sixtinction, chiara cant,