mind the indie film festival


We are an independent international film festival that aims to showcase the best indie films in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Our mission is to help talented film artists that create meaningful films, that are worth seeing and sharing,

but who lack the backing of studios, expensive marketing campaigns, or famous personas.


We want to help these filmmakers to show their films and shine a light on the value of their non-studio productions.
And, our goal is to educate audiences on the quality and importance of independent cinema.


This year the festival will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, a UNESCO declared the Creative City of Film, and the capital of Bulgaria. We believe in the truly independent spirit of moviemaking and aim to popularise the love for indie productions in Bulgaria. Sofia is a diverse and fast-paced metropolitan city; in addition, it's an internationally recognised hub for film production and education.


If your film has a strong story, then submit it to Mind the Indie Film Festival.

Visiting Sofia

Sofia is recognized by UNESCO as a Creative City of Film

and has a long history as a centre for film production and education in Eastern Europe. Home of Nu Boyana Film Studio, one of the leading film production studios in Europe, Sofia is a place to meet and mingle with fellow creators.
The city also boasts Bulgaria's biggest film school (NAFTA)
and is the hub for emerging cinematic talent and artists. 


If you’re interested in the historical and cultural aspects of the film,
make sure to visit the National Film Archive, which is also located in Sofia.
Your trip won’t be complete without also a visit to Kino Vlaikova- the oldest functioning cinema in Sofia, where you can experience
the unique vintage atmosphere of a soviet cinema house. 

Another recommended stop is Sofia’s Cinema House,
which is a functioning cinema as well as an educational centre
that offers seminars, exhibitions, and presentations.
Also, the G8 Cultural Center, which is a small and cozy cinema
where you can enjoy some of the more unusual and curious titles
from the Bulgarian and world cinema industry.


Beyond a film geek’s delights, Sofia offers its visitors many
other activities to fill your time in the capital of Bulgaria.
From a crazy night in the nightclubs of Student’s City to shopping
sprees in luxurious department store districts, or thrifting for treasures
in flea markets, or the many museums and archaeological sites,
the distinct bistros, arty coffee shops, and crowded pubs,
visiting Sofia will be an unforgettable experience.

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